Twitter ghostwriting for authentic personal brand growth

We build intimate and engaged digital audiences for Founders & Executives in Tech, SaaS, Web3, & AI through amazing & deeply-personal content.

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Audience growth built for Founders & Execs

Brand consistency

Every Founder has a story. We'll uncover yours and create content that's 100% custom to your personal values and experiences.

White-glove relationships

Our client relationships are more like partnerships. We'll talk with you every single day, making sure you're fully in the loop of your personal brand's growth.

Personal brand growth on auto-pilot

We'll need some input and approvals along the way (especially in the beginning) but, other than that, there's not much you need to do. Get back to focusing on your growing your business. Your personal brand growth is our job now.

The Process

What working together looks like

Take a sneak peak into our workflow.

Intro meeting

Let's make sure we're a fit. If you're a Founder in tech, SaaS, Web3, or AI and looking to grow an audience on Twitter, the call should go great. We'll meet virtually to discuss your personal brand growth goals and see if it's the type of thing we can help with.


We'll dive deep into your story, uncovering some great content ideas along the way. We'll also sync on expectations, communication methods, and more.


We build a 100% custom, personalized social content strategy designed to amplify your reach with your audience.

Content Publication & Engagement

Here's where the fun starts. Content starts going live. We'll engage in organic engagement with strategic accounts to boost growth.

Analysis & Iteration

We believe in data-validated results. We'll frequently look into your account analytics and make sure we are resonating with your audience...if not, we'll adjust.

Why ContentGhost?



Whether your goals are to build a loyal following, create a powerful inbound funnel for your business, or something else, we're with you.
Team Quality

A+ Ghostwriting Team

Access the most capable Twitter content creators around. Our team goes through an extensive training & development process.
Real, Organic Audience Building

Authentic Growth

We specialize in community-driven engagement strategies powered by carefully crafted custom-built content.




Billed monthly

3 Tweets per day + 2 Threads per Week (approx.)
100% custom, personal-to-you content strategy
Daily communication on Slack



Billed Quarterly

3 Tweets per day + 2 Threads per Week (approx.)
100% custom, personal-to-you content strategy
Daily communication on Slack
"It's was hard to find a Twitter ghostwriter who actual takes the time to learn my story & tone and amplify it in a way I was proud of. ContentGhost totally nailed it! I can't say enough good about these guys."

Founder & CEO

Venture-Backed SaaS

Frequently asked questions

What is ContentGhost?

ContentGhost is a Twitter (now X) Ghostwriting agency. We help Tech, SaaS, Web3, & AI Founders build deeply personal & engaged audiences on social media.

How can I become a client?

The first step is a conversation to make sure we are a good fit. Right now, we are taking waitlist submissions. As space becomes available, we will reach out to schedule a call.

How does the Waitlist work?

We are currently working through a backlog of interested clients. Clients we feel are a great fit may be accelerated through the waitlist.

Can you tell me where I am on the waitlist?

Unfortunately, no.

How will I communicate with my Ghostwriter?

We'll open up a Slack channel when we start working together. Communication will take place there during work hours (9am-5pm ET).

Does ContentGhost only manage Twitter (X) ghostwriting?

As of now, we are exclusively focused on building audiences for Founders & Executives on Twitter (now X) & LinkedIn. We may add more platforms soon.

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